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  • *Rubber hand grip sleeves
  • *Great for home use
  • *Heavy duty threaded ends to fit 4 x spinlock collars
  • *Cast weight discs with durable black finish
  • *Weight discs with a radius edge for easy lift
  • *Embossed the weight in KG
  • *Contoured rubber grip handles for more comfortable grip
  • *Weight: Total weight including dumbbells 20kg
  • *Double Folding, Small In Size, Easy For Storage
  • *Maximum Carrying Load: 200kg
  • *Double fixation Screw, More stable and not shaking
  • *Light Weight, High Strength
  • *Adjustable Footrest Up/Down
  • *3 Levels Adjustable Board height
  • *4 Levels Adjustable Foot Bottom Support
  • *Suitable men and women, middle-aged and elderly
  • Specifications:
  • *Brand: ADSports
  • *Material: Metal Steel, PU Leather, Foam
  • *Maximum Carrying Load: 200kg
  • *Maximum People Height: 180cm
  • *Heavy duty steel construction and durable plastic protection, Handlebar for balance, grip and support
  • *Non-slip foot panels with meshed grip, Easy to use Multi-function LCD computer
  • *Computer functions include: Time, count, strides per minute, calories and a scan function, Manual included
  • *Dimensions: 44�51�124cm
  • *Color : Black Only
  • *Dumbbell 4pcs
  • 6 Spring
  • *AB Rocket Twister tones upper and lower abdomen and thighs with crunches, reverse crunches, oblique exercises and more
  • *Switch from sit-ups to twists with a change of locking pin
  • *Padded backrest supports while massages your spine during sit-ups
  • *Flex Master tones legs, biceps, triceps, shoulders and more with resistance training system
  • *Complements abdominal and oblique training with simple attachment to AB Rocket Twister
  • *Folds for compact and convenient storage
  • *Colour: red

*Works out your entire core upper, middle, lower abs & oblique's, Combines 6 great exercises

*Adjustable resistance, Works in both directions on each rep, No need for an expensive gym membership

*Compact & easily folds up, Works in conjunction with an exercise & diet plan

*Comes fully assembled,Exercise & nutrition guide included

*Packinging Dimensions : (W)56Cm x (L)49cm x (H)14cm

  • Skipping is one of the most efficient aerobic fat burning exercises, helping you burn more calories in a shorter time.
  • Rope skipping can effectively promote the secretion of growth hormone in young people, stimulate the growth of body joints and bones, and help young people grow taller!
  • Continuous rope skipping for 10 minutes is equivalent to running for about 30 minutes, swimming for about 40 minutes, and yoga for about 60 minutes!